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Journal Articles


  1. A Surface Engineering Approach for Promoting Dexter Energy Transfer from Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
    Wang, C., Malinoski, A., Yuan, J., Brea, C., and Hu, G.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127, 1135—1144, (2023)
  2. The atomic drill bit: Precision controlled atomic fabrication of 2D materials
    Boebinger, M., Brea, C., Ding, L., Misra, S., Olunloyo, O., Yu, Y., Xiao, K., Lupini, A., Ding, F., Hu, G., and others, .
    Advanced Materials 35, 2210116, (2023)
  3. Robust copper-based nanosponge architecture decorated by ruthenium with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for ambient nitrogen reduction to ammonia
    Li, K., Ding, L., Xie, Z., Yang, G., Yu, S., Wang, W., Cullen, D., Meyer III, H., Hu, G., Ganesh, P., and others, .
    ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces 15, 11703—11712, (2023)
  4. Efficient Voltage-Driven Oxidation of Water and Alcohols by an Organic Molecular Catalyst Directly Attached to a Carbon Electrode
    Barman, K., Askarova, G., Jia, R., Hu, G., and Mirkin, M.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 145, 5786—5794, (2023)
  5. Mechanistic Insight into Dual-Metal-Site Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
    Brea, C., and Hu, G.
    ACS Catalysis 13, 4992—4999, (2023)


  1. Origin of metal-insulator transitions in correlated perovskite metals
    Bennett, M., Hu, G., Wang, G., Heinonen, O., Kent, P., Krogel, J., and Ganesh, P.
    Physical Review Research 4, L022005, (2022)
  2. A combined first principles study of the structural, magnetic, and phonon properties of monolayer CrI3
    Staros, D., Hu, G., Tiihonen, J., Nanguneri, R., Krogel, J., Bennett, M., Heinonen, O., Ganesh, P., and Rubenstein, B.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 156, L022005, (2022)
  3. Reversible Hydrogen-Induced Phase Transformations in La0. 7Sr0. 3MnO3 Thin Films Characterized by In Situ Neutron Reflectometry
    Mazza, A., Lu, Q., Hu, G., Li, H., Browning, J., Charlton, T., Brahlek, M., Ganesh, P., Ward, T., Lee, H., and others, .
    ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces 14, 10898—10906, (2022)
  4. Ta--TiO x nanoparticles as radical scavengers to improve the durability of Fe--N--C oxygen reduction catalysts
    Xie, H., Xie, X., Hu, G., Prabhakaran, V., Saha, S., Gonzalez-Lopez, L., Phakatkar, A., Hong, M., Wu, M., Shahbazian-Yassar, R., and others, .
    Nature Energy 7, 281—289, (2022)
  5. Shifting and breaking scaling relations at transition metal telluride edges for selective electrochemical CO2 reduction
    Brea, C., and Hu, G.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10, 10162—10170, (2022)
  6. Phase transition dynamics in a complex oxide heterostructure
    Zhang, Q., Hu, G., Starchenko, V., Wan, G., Dufresne, E., Dong, Y., Liu, H., Zhou, H., Jeen, H., Saritas, K., and others, .
    Physical Review Letters 129, 235701, (2022)


  1. Machine learned features from density of states for accurate adsorption energy prediction
    Fung, V., Hu, G., Ganesh, P., and Sumpter, B.
    Nature communications 12, 88, (2021)
  2. Work function engineering of 2D materials: the role of polar edge reconstructions
    Hu, G., Fung, V., Huang, J., and Ganesh, P.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12, 2320—2326, (2021)
  3. Inverse design of two-dimensional materials with invertible neural networks
    Fung, V., Zhang, J., Hu, G., Ganesh, P., and Sumpter, B.
    npj Computational Materials 7, 200, (2021)
  4. Fundamental Flaw in the Current Construction of the TiO2 Electron Transport Layer of Perovskite Solar Cells and Its Elimination
    Yan, Y., Liu, C., Yang, Y., Hu, G., Tiwari, V., Jiang, D., Peng, W., Jha, A., Duan, H., Tellkamp, F., and others, .
    ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces 13, 39371—39378, (2021)
  5. Voltage-driven molecular catalysis of electrochemical reactions
    Barman, K., Wang, X., Jia, R., Askarova, G., Hu, G., and Mirkin, M.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 17344—17347, (2021)
  6. Strong bidentate coordination for surface passivation and ligand-shell engineering of lead halide perovskite nanocrystals in the strongly quantum-confined regime
    Malinoski, A., Hu, G., and Wang, C.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 24521—24530, (2021)


  1. Electronic band contraction induced low temperature methane activation on metal alloys
    Fung, V., Hu, G., and Sumpter, B.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8, 6057—6066, (2020)
  2. Highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution promoted by O--Mo--C interfaces of ultrafine $\beta$-Mo 2 C nanostructures
    Yang, H., Chen, X., Hu, G., Chen, W., Bradley, S., Zhang, W., Verma, G., Nann, T., Jiang, D., Kruger, P., and others, .
    Chemical Science 11, 3523—3530, (2020)
  3. Predicting synthesizable multi-functional edge reconstructions in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
    Hu, G., Fung, V., Sang, X., Unocic, R., and Ganesh, P.
    npj Computational Materials 6, 44, (2020)
  4. Hydrogen in Nanocatalysis
    Fung, V., Hu, G., Wu, Z., and Jiang, D.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, 7049—7057, (2020)
  5. Descriptors for hydrogen evolution on single atom catalysts in nitrogen-doped graphene
    Fung, V., Hu, G., Wu, Z., and Jiang, D.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124, 19571—19578, (2020)
  6. Dual roles of polymeric capping ligands in the surface-protected etching of colloidal silica
    Feng, J., Yang, F., Hu, G., Brinzari, T., Ye, Z., Chen, J., Tang, S., Xu, S., Dubovoy, V., Pan, L., and others, .
    ACS applied materials \& interfaces 12, 38751—38756, (2020)
  7. Integrated evaporator for efficient solar-driven interfacial steam generation
    Chen, J., Li, B., Hu, G., Aleisa, R., Lei, S., Yang, F., Liu, D., Lyu, F., Wang, M., Ge, X., and others, .
    Nano Letters 20, 6051—6058, (2020)
  8. Metal--insulator transition tuned by oxygen vacancy migration across TiO2/VO2 interface
    Lu, Q., Sohn, C., Hu, G., Gao, X., Chisholm, M., Kyl{\"a}np{\"a}{\"a}, I., Krogel, J., Kent, P., Heinonen, O., Ganesh, P., and others, .
    Scientific Reports 10, 18554, (2020)


  1. Three-orders-of-magnitude variation of carrier lifetimes with crystal phase of gold nanoclusters
    Zhou, M., Higaki, T., Hu, G., Sfeir, M., Chen, Y., Jiang, D., and Jin, R.
    Science 364, 279—282, (2019)
  2. Superior electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution at engineered non-stoichiometric two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide edges
    Hu, G., Fung, V., Sang, X., Unocic, R., and Ganesh, P.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7, 18357—18364, (2019)
  3. Methane Chemisorption on Oxide-Supported Pt Single Atom
    Fung, V., Hu, G., Tao, F., and Jiang, D.
    ChemPhysChem 20, 2217—2220, (2019)


  1. Interface engineering of earth-abundant transition metals using boron nitride for selective electroreduction of CO2
    Hu, G., Wu, Z., Dai, S., and Jiang, D.
    ACS applied materials \& interfaces 10, 6694—6700, (2018)
  2. Fluorescence of hydroxyphenyl-substituted “click” triazoles
    Meisner, Q., Accardo, J., Hu, G., Clark, R., Jiang, D., and Zhu, L.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 122, 2956—2973, (2018)
  3. Stronger-than-Pt hydrogen adsorption in a Au 22 nanocluster for the hydrogen evolution reaction
    Hu, G., Wu, Z., and Jiang, D.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6, 7532—7537, (2018)
  4. Selective CO production by photoelectrochemical methane oxidation on TiO2
    Li, W., He, D., Hu, G., Li, X., Banerjee, G., Li, J., Lee, S., Dong, Q., Gao, T., Brudvig, G., and others, .
    ACS Central Science 4, 631—637, (2018)
  5. Thiolate-protected trimetallic Au~ 20Ag~ 4Pd and Au~ 20Ag~ 4Pt alloy clusters with controlled chemical composition and metal positions
    Hossain, S., Ono, T., Yoshioka, M., Hu, G., Hosoi, M., Chen, Z., Nair, L., Niihori, Y., Kurashige, W., Jiang, D., and others, .
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 2590—2594, (2018)
  6. Hetero-biicosahedral [Au 24 Pd (PPh 3) 10 (SC 2 H 4 Ph) 5 Cl 2]+ nanocluster: selective synthesis and optical and electrochemical properties
    Nair, L., Hossain, S., Takagi, S., Imai, Y., Hu, G., Wakayama, S., Kumar, B., Kurashige, W., Jiang, D., and Negishi, Y.
    Nanoscale 10, 18969—18979, (2018)
  7. First principles insight into H2 activation and hydride species on TiO2 Surfaces
    Hu, G., Wu, Z., and Jiang, D.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 20323—20328, (2018)
  8. Insights into interfaces, stability, electronic properties, and catalytic activities of atomically precise metal nanoclusters from first principles
    Tang, Q., Hu, G., Fung, V., and Jiang, D.
    Accounts of chemical research 51, 2793—2802, (2018)
  9. Effects of metal-doping on hydrogen evolution reaction catalyzed by MAu24 and M2Au36 nanoclusters (M= Pt, Pd)
    Choi, W., Hu, G., Kwak, K., Kim, M., Jiang, D., Choi, J., and Lee, D.
    ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces 10, 44645—44653, (2018)


  1. Metallic hydrogen in atomically precise gold nanoclusters
    Hu, G., Tang, Q., Lee, D., Wu, Z., and Jiang, D.
    Chemistry of Materials 29, 4840—4847, (2017)
  2. Atomically precise bimetallic Au19Cu30 nanocluster with an icosidodecahedral Cu30 shell and an alkynyl--Cu interface
    Wan, X., Cheng, X., Tang, Q., Han, Y., Hu, G., Jiang, D., and Wang, Q.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 9451—9454, (2017)
  3. Kinetics and mechanism of methanol conversion over anatase titania nanoshapes
    Foo, G., Hu, G., Hood, Z., Li, M., Jiang, D., and Wu, Z.
    Acs Catalysis 7, 5345—5356, (2017)
  4. Universal surface engineering of transition metals for superior electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution in neutral water
    You, B., Liu, X., Hu, G., Gul, S., Yano, J., Jiang, D., and Sun, Y.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 12283—12290, (2017)


  1. CoP for hydrogen evolution: implications from hydrogen adsorption
    Hu, G., Tang, Q., and Jiang, D.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 23864—23871, (2016)
  2. Diphosphine-protected Au22 nanoclusters on oxide supports are active for gas-phase catalysis without ligand removal
    Wu, Z., Hu, G., Jiang, D., Mullins, D., Zhang, Q., Allard Jr, L., Wang, L., and Overbury, S.
    Nano Letters 16, 6560—6567, (2016)
  3. Beyond the staple motif: a new order at the thiolate--gold interface
    Hu, G., Jin, R., and Jiang, D.
    Nanoscale 8, 20103—20110, (2016)